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Want to apply for Advance Internal Medicine rotations?

Note* If you want to apply for Advanced, you must complete an Internal Medicine course with Dr. Coleman or had a least one Internal Medicine Rotation in the last 4 months.

Advanced Internal Medicine program 

Our Advanced Internal Medicine Rotation should be attended by International Graduates or Medical Students that have already taken some form of Internal Medicine.
Advanced Internal Medicine students should be able to obtain an accurate and prevalent medical history, physical exam present and articulate in a complete and concise literate manner.

  • Integrate patient data to develop a complete and accurate problem list with differential diagnosis.
  • Use evidence-based medicine and a selective approach when ordering diagnostic tests, labs, and imagery.
  • Utilize Medical Knowledge and Clinical Reasoning.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate.
    Being a team member is very important during residency.

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Students must be available to attend Rotation at 7 am CST Monday-Friday which is starting from 7th December.


Copies of CV, Medical School Diploma, and passport or Picture ID is required.


The cost for this Advance course is $1800 and must be paid prior to starting rotation. The first 15 people that register will receive a discount. Mail us at toyabanks@telerotation.com for the coupon code.


Students must have completed an Internal Medicine course with Dr. Coleman or had a least one Internal Medicine Rotation in the last 4 months.

Look what our students say

Your teachings will forever useful to me. These rotation notes are going to be with me forever and one day when I teach young budding doctors.
Thank you for your teachings and for being so inspiring. I look forward to becoming a doctor like you someday. Thank you for everything.

Dr. H

Hello Dr.Coleman, Hope you doing well. This is Sree, I had a rotation with you in May last year.
Today is my first day of IM residency at Central Michigan University. I just wanted to thank you for giving me a good recommendation and also for all the teachings and the cases we discussed, which are going to help me throughout my residency.
Once again thank you for all the help!!

Dr. S

I have good news! I applied to the match this year as you know and I’ve been getting a really good number of invitations and my November schedule is already full. Already finished the first 3 interviews. They all went amazing. One actually commended the virtual rotation experience with you! So it goes without saying, thank you once again so much for furnishing this excellent learning opportunity for us which now I can also say is helping in the match process 🙏

Dr. M

Sessions with Dr. C are really interesting [although I have attended just 2 sessions] The main reason I like the sessions are because of the questions. I feel that I’m made to think and actually put my mind to work rather than just getting information. It is very helpful because it is an open discussion and I’m able to apply whatever I’ve learned in the past.
Initially, I was a little nervous at the start, but now I feel more confident. All thanks to doctor C!

Thank you, Dr. Coleman. I diagnosed a patient with Schmidt syndrome by myself today, based on what I learned from you. My preceptor was amazed. He has asked me to present it to everybody next week. So, thanks again for teaching me to look at the bigger picture.

Dear Ms. Banks,
Thank you for giving me an opportunity to learn from Dr. Coleman. He’s such an amazing personality. His way of teaching new things is just extraordinary and he always makes sure not to leave anyone behind in the discussion part and more importantly does not put anyone down. This rotation is of its own type. I am hoping to do more such rotations.
Special thanks to you who creates such a wonderful platform to help us in this crazy time!

Dr. G

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