Dr. H’s experience with R&T IMG Village

Dr. H’s experience with R&T IMG Village

Hey there medico, our happy medical student from India is sharing his experience with our famous internist, Dr. Cedric Coleman’s Tele Rotations.
Dive in to see how his journey was and what he thinks of this Tele Rotation.

“Hello Dr.Coleman
I would like to thank you for this amazing Tele Rotation. It was a great learning experience for me.

Initially, when I started the Rotation, I was surprised by your teaching method. By the end of the first day, I told myself that I am about to learn something amazing this month. You taught me how easy it becomes to learn different topics once you have these studies to support the protocols. It also helped me understand the reasoning behind these protocols.

I would specifically like to mention that this TeleRotation expanded my thinking in terms of Differential diagnosis. It was great learning about different clinical cases that you had experienced during your medical career.
I appreciate everything you have taught me during this period.

I am looking forward to gaining much more valuable clinical knowledge under your guidance going ahead.

Also, I know you will ask me “What’s your data” that I learned from this Rotation.
So, I would like to assure you that I will apply all the knowledge and the techniques you taught me during this period in becoming a better resident and try to become “Intern of the year” and give you a call the first thing.

Thank you for dedicating your time and energy to this.”

Take care
-Dr. H

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Dr. H’s Rotation journey with R&T IMG Village

Dr. H’s Rotation journey with R&T IMG Village

Hey Medico,
Are you looking forward to gaining Clinical experiences and receive exemplary LORs? We can help you with that. In our virtual rotations, you can join from anywhere across the world. Get ready to make the most of these rotations and gain LORs. But, before diving in,
See what our medical student, Dr. H has to share about our very own famous internist, Dr. Cedric Coleman.

“Good Afternoon Dr. Coleman,
I can’t believe it’s already 4 weeks with you and today’s the last session. This rotation is the most memorable one amongst the ones I had before, with so much learning and yet having fun while learning in the process.
The way you teach is so incredible. I loved the interaction with fellow doctors too. Everyone is so nice and I’m feeling emotional that we wouldn’t have these classes anymore. Your teachings will forever be useful to me. These rotation notes are going to be with me forever and one day when I teach young budding doctors, I’ll speak of a Generous Lonely Internist with 4 dogs who was such an amazing teacher and so humble to admit that he scored 99.99% on boards. I promise that I’ll share the happiness with you and Toya once I match and then 1 year later with another one saying, ”Intern of the Year”.
Thank you for your teachings and for being so inspiring. I look forward to becoming a doctor like you someday. Thank you for everything.”
( Your “H” Kaur)

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Dr. E’s Journey with R&T IMG Village

Dr. E’s Journey with R&T IMG Village

Hey IMG, did you face the same situation as our medical student, Dr. E too? We, at R&T IMG Clinicals can assist you. 

Like we all know during this pandemic, all the medical students had to go through discontinuation in their clinical experience. The residency match process had stopped, and whatnot. But, obtaining Letters of Recommendation matters a lot more during the application of the match process. Here, the R&T IMG Clinicals comes into the picture. With Tele/Rotations, medical students will now be able to gain LoRs and enhance their clinical experience in their desired specialty. 

Excited to know how our medical student from Trinity College Dublin joined? How was his journey so far with us? Keep on reading! 

Dr. E says: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my clinical clerkships during the summer were canceled. I was without any prospects to continue clinical training and gain Letters of Recommendation necessary for the match. Eventually, I was linked in with Ms. Toya Banks and R&T IMG Clinicals.

I participated in a 4-week Pediatrics Telemedicine Rotation with Dr. Tabitha Watts and a 4-week Internal Medicine Telemedicine Rotation with Dr. Cedric Coleman. Miss Banks and her team were incredibly professional, enthusiastic, and supportive. Not only did the group take the time out of their busy schedules with clinical work to teach and facilitate simulation training and practice of clinical skills, but they also gave their time to answer professional questions pertaining to the residency and applications.

The group made me feel pleased from the beginning of the rotations and encouraged the development of my clinical acumen. I was able to enter the NRMP match with confidence. I have thus far received many interviews in highly competitive programs, which I know would not have been possible without the training and support from Ms. Banks and the R&T IMG Clinical group. Thank you again for everything and all the best to you and your families.

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