Telehealth: Access to healthcare, anytime, anywhere

Telehealth: Access to healthcare, anytime, anywhere

Telehealth: Well, we all know that this field has been expanding rapidly for a couple of months due to Covid-19.
For all those who are unaware of this term, telehealth in a nutshell:
Telehealth is the delivery of healthcare, education, and health information services via remote technologies. Remote learning is the best opportunity for all those who want to gain valuable clinical experience amidst pandemic. The best thing about remote learning is you can learn from anywhere across this world. Virtual rotations are proven to be the glimmers of hope. If you are amongst the ones waiting for U.S. residency, you must participate in these programs. If you are unsure about this, look at the advantages that tele rotations provide you. We all know that learning never goes to waste.

Have you enrolled yourself yet? Are you still deciding? These tips will help you clear your misconceptions.

Perks of choosing Telehealth / Virtual rotations

Tele rotation: Access to healthcare, anytime, anywhere

  • It is convenient

Remote learning is relatively more convenient and safer, as you don’t have to go physically and still you can gain something fruitful. Making people’s lives a priority, tele rotations are a better opportunity to learn.  

  • It is cost-effective

Again the best part of remote learning is that you can learn from the comfort of the home too. You won’t have to for visas, air tickets, living expenses, and much more. There are almost no traveling barriers. Ultimately, tele rotations are providing you the opportunity to rotate from your home. Participating in a virtual rotation will help you save your expenses.  

  • Ease of access

Medical students or graduates who are remotely located or homebound can easily access these rotations. You just need to have an internet connection and you can easily participate in any of the programs. You can access tele rotations from any of the digital devices. Not only the devices, but you can also access virtual/ telerotations from anywhere in your home or other locations. 

  • It’s available from any country

Many of you might be planning for USA residency but delayed due to COVID. But, don’t worry telehealth or virtual rotations are something that you can also access from where you are right now. Whether you are in India, Russia, or any other country, you need not worry about transportation. Virtual rotation makes the task easy for you. 

  • Saves time 

Tele rotations are done within a given period or according to the US. time zones. Meanwhile, you can complete your other works or spend time on something that you want to do. Virtual rotations don’t take your whole time and hence you can make the most of your remaining time.

Now that you know the benefits listed above, you must work harder to make your virtual rotations count. But just listing the benefits are not enough right? The important part is how can you make the most after enrolling in a tele rotation program. I recommend you to follow these tips to have a successful rotation experience. Make your tele rotation experience a memorable and fruitful one, so that it helps you in the future.
Check out these tips.

  • Be a vibrant participant

To receive a stronger Letter of Recommendation (LoR), you must pay attention to every week’s lectures. Show interest in the specialty you choose. Also, before choosing a specialty, research well, and make the right decision for your future. Make sure that you are an active participant and understand everything well. LoR’s are generally based upon merit. Hence, being an active participant will lead you to a stronger LoR. 

  • Limit interruptions

While remote learning, distractions are likely to arise more. But during the time of sessions, focus on what your preceptor teaches you. They will be sharing with you valuable information. You will have to limit your distractions and pay your full attention to the on-going rotation. Refrain from doing other activities while your tele rotations are going. 

  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection

An Internet connection can be a big barrier to your tele rotations. Cross-check the connectivity requirements before you get started. Ensure that you have a proper connection when your rotations are going on. 

  • Ask out your questions

Don’t shy from asking questions to your guide/preceptor. Ask out every single doubt that arises in your mind. Whether your query might be silly or important, clear all your queries. When you are paying for something, don’t let that time and money go waste. Hence, it’s always better to ask questions. 

  • Interact with your preceptor more

As you all know that you may have to interact with other medical students too. Take this opportunity as a good chance and try to interact more with your preceptor as well as other students. You will get to know other people as well. 

Are you interested in a tele rotation program? View our offered programs and apply today!

Blessing in Disguise amidst Covid-19 Pandemic…!!

Blessing in Disguise amidst Covid-19 Pandemic…!!

As we all see, CORONA VIRUS(Covid-19) is going to stay with us for a while. Some countries have stated that one should learn to live with the Covid-19 virus.

In the official statement, the Canadian President stated “The World dynamics will change even after the Covid-19 vaccine is developed” meaning thereby there will be a drastic change in how we leave or how we operate. We will have to adopt certain procedures to safeguard ourselves as well as the people around us. Surely COVID-19 has changed the dynamics of the world extensively. Online education/training is becoming more relevant and one could say inevitable in recent times. The rate of contamination by Covid-19 in doctors on duty is exceedingly high. So is the case with the Fellow doctors and Medical Graduates. unexpected lockdowns, congestion in Hospitals, limited medical resources and extremely perplexed medical staff has hampered the experience of clinical rotations.

Some of my colleagues in the USA doing their rotations explained to me the whole situation, they are in a miserable situation, doing day-night duties. The Doctors, Fellow Doctors, Medical Graduates, the hospital staff, and all the medical service providers are directly encountering the Covid-19 virus, which makes them highly vulnerable to the lethal infection. With the protection also there are cases reported of infection as well as deaths of the medical staff.

Ideally, a Medical student doing his/her clerkship is part of a team as a learner who requires guidance. In other disaster circumstances, students were able to continue their education and help in the effort. However, with the emergence of a highly contagious pandemic, students may spread the virus unknowingly or contract the diseases. Further, The Association of American medical colleges provided guidelines for pausing Clinical Rotations for medical students. however, geographical disparities may lead schools to make a tailored judgment based on unique circumstances.

The challenges are in providing an authentic patient experience for medical students as a key component of medical education under the current scenario. Most of the IMG have genuine reasons where they could not visit the Hospital or clinic like other fellows for the Clinical Rotations. because of the mounting cases of Covid-19 and continuous lockdowns, their situation is becoming awful each passing day.

In such times technological advancement regarding Tele Rotations/ Tele Medicine is a boon. The technology could be a blessing in disguise in this dystopian time of Corona Virus (Covid-19). Though the best tool to fight Covid-19 is a Vaccine but till it is available in open market Social distancing and self-awareness is the tool. And adhering to the awareness the Clinical didactic sessions shall be Consolidate and move online.

The central Advantage of the Tele Rotation is the safety of the Doctors. There will not be physical contact with the Doctors or Patients. Keeping the contagious patients out of the hospital helps reduce the spread of the illness.
The Follow-up consultations for post-surgery or illness will be highly time effective when the check-up is just to examine how the patients are doing. It is more prudent for patients also as they are not exposed to the new virus/germs while visiting the medical facility. The Graduates or Fellows can acquire even more knowledge as they can reach a greater number of patients without geographical hindrance. Patients from any part of the world can be consulted.

In the time of the Corona outbreak, patients shall be recommended not to visit the hospital frequently for routine check-ups and regular health checks. They are at higher risk of being contaminated with the virus. All the patients whose regular check-up or yearly health check is due can avail of this facility where they can consult a doctor via Video Conferencing call without visiting him/her in the clinic. The same way where medical graduates cannot visit the Medical facility for their training can go with the TELE-ROTATIONS.

Most of the hospitals, mental health services are now providing video consultations. Here just with your Smartphones, Tablets, or Computers, you Can visit your Doctor, a Health care Expert. This will save most of the resources, time, and still make the Face to Face consultation happen with all the comfort from the davenport of your Living room.

Graduates thrive to shadow a doctor, and it is undoubtedly the best method to learn on the go with the seniors. Shadowing a senior doctor or health professional can be done by joining the Video Consultation meetings. Clinical rotations remain almost the same in this latest technological advancement. Senior doctors understanding the risk in recent times has opted to conduct online classes/ webinars/ conference calls to ensure the graduates get enriched knowledge in these unprecedented times. Skilled Senior Doctors also have turned towards technology in the time of COVID-19 crises. They are using PDFs, Slide Sheets, and Video & Audio lectures, online sessions, conference calls for knowledge sharing with the residents. We at IMG Village Provide Tele Rotations for different areas like Medicine, Paediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynaecology, General Surgery, etc.