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Need USCE (U.S Clinical Experience)? Let us help you pursue your dreams. At R&T Img Village, we are officially registered for providing Tele-Rotations for IMGs and medical students.

In addition, we are affiliated with the AMA Physician Innovation Network. Altogether, we have created a platform of valuable resources, support, and guidance for you on your path towards residency. Ranked as the #1 Tele-Rotation in the United States, the teachings and tools learned here will broaden your perspective on how to approach medicine. With our Simulation Lab, you will have many opportunities to apply those techniques as the Senior Resident on the case. Together, we will continuously work on sharpening and honing our skills to become the best physicians we aspire to be! 

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Our Services

U.S Clinical Experience training
We offer observerships, externships, and clinical rotations for both students and IMG’s
Tele- Rotations & Simulation labs
Tele-Rotations are the new normal. Telemedicine is now used more than ever. USA medical students are also doing Tele-Rotations.
Residency Match guidance
We can guide you throughout your matching process and help you achieve your dream.
Electronic Medical Records training
Learn to understand the medical history of a patient, write prescriptions, referrals, and get trained from us.
Personal Statement
Personal statement/ CV review
Along with LoR’s, your personal statements are an important aspect of your match process. We will guide you in a proper manner.

How are Tele-Rotations helpful?

online doctor

Due to the traveling barriers, Clinical Rotations are terminated keeping in mind the safety of students. Are you looking for opportunities to acquire Clinical Experience and Hospital LOR’s? In conclusion, fill the gaps between your Clinical Rotations and Residency Match programs with Tele-Rotations.

However, these Tele-Rotations offer you the opportunity to obtain Clinical experience in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and other specialties as an option to perform away from your remote location, as we are entering into a new phase into the delivery of medical care, telehealth, and telemedicine. Tele-Rotations enable you to take part in your native countries yet gain valuable experience and LOR’s.

Core Specialties

Internal medicine
Advanced / Internal medicine
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Pathology / Oncology
General Surgery
Miss. Toya Banks

Our Happy IMGS

“Dr. Tabitha Watts was very committed to ensuring that all the students were able to maximize their learning during this rotation. This rotation exceeded my expectations and I am so thankful to have been provided with this opportunity.”

Our Happy IMGS

“Sessions with Dr. Cedric Coleman are really interesting. The main reason I like the sessions are because of the questions. I feel that I’m made to think and actually put my mind to work rather than just getting information. It is very helpful because it is an open discussion and I’m able to apply whatever I’ve learnt in the past. Initially, I was a little nervous in the start, but now I feel more confident. All thanks to doctor C!”.

Our Happy IMGS

“Thank you, Dr. Coleman. I diagnosed a patient of Schmidt syndrome by myself today, based on what I learned from you. My preceptor was amazed. He has asked me to present it for everybody next week. So, thanks again for teaching me to look at the bigger picture.”

Our Happy IMGS

“During the rotation, Dr Ramon Flores always made himself available at times when it was most convenient for the group. Once a case was presented, we were all required to take detailed history, work up the patient and come up with differential diagnoses. I really enjoyed this since this way, all students were allowed to take part in every case and the best part is that the doctor can spend time making sure you understand the case not having to worry about treating his patients at that time.
I definitely have learned a lot from this rotation and highly recommend it to anyone looking to do a rotation from the convenience of their home.”

Our Happy IMGS

“Tele-rotations are so helpful. I learned a lot. Dr. Watt has so much patience towards students and while taking our doubts. Special session for the residency process, also helped with article reading. Dr. Toya Banks and Dr. Watts helped us a lot when we got stuck in Chicago due to COVID-19. Treated me and my family as their own. I have no words to describe their kind act of humanity. They are like god sent to us. Apart from the knowledge that I gained from Tele-rotation, I’m taking with me their love. I’m so grateful to their whole team. They are beyond amazing.”

Our Happy IMGS

“Hello Dr.Coleman, Hope your doing well.This is Sree, I had a rotation with you May last year.
Today is my first day of IM residency at Central Michigan University. I just wanted to thank you for giving me a good recommendation and also for all the teachings and the cases we discussed, which are going to help me through out my residency.
Once again thank you for all the help!!”

Our Happy IMGS

“Dear Ms. Banks,
Thank you for giving me an opportunity to learn from Dr. Coleman. He’s such an amazing personality. His way of teaching new things is just extraordinary and he always makes sure not to leave anyone behind in the discussion part and more importantly does not put anyone down. This rotation is of its own type. I am hoping to do more such rotations.
Special thanks to you who creates such a wonderful platform to help us in this crazy time!”

Our Happy IMGS

This is subhashini , from India .
Today was my first class with you and I have never been intimidated by anything like this before. Mind blown !
The first hour , I was not so confident because I do not have so many clinical experiences to count on and am still in the first half of my internship. But now I have come to realise that I have the opportunity to atleast listen and educate myself with new things everyday.

Looking forward to another 3 weeks of learning new things from you. Is there anything that I can do to improve and utilise these sessions effectively?

Our Happy IMGS

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