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What is the basic difference between Externships, Clerkships, Electives, and Observerships?

Clerkships or electives refer to the programs that are taken by medical students in their 3rd or 4th year at the hospital of medical schools or its affiliates. This includes an approval process and is also based on your USMLE scores.

In Observerships, you are able to shadow preceptors and there would be no direct contact with patients. You can actively participate in case presentations and earn recommendations.

Externships are open to IMGs, which gives hands-on clinical experience. This can be beneficial for the residency match process. You can select your specialty and gain Letters of Recommendation based on your performance.

What are Tele Rotations?

Tele Rotations are the glimmers of hope during this Pandemic. To recommence and enrich your clinical experience, R&T Img Clinicals are offering Tele/Rotations for all the medical students.
Students can connect via the Internet and gain the best of their knowledge from our well-experienced doctors.

Pros and Cons of Tele Rotations
The main benefits of participating in the Tele Rotations program is:
No traveling cost
No Hotel stays
Fewer expenses

Utilize these expenses in programs that can benefit you for the match process. The only red flag would be the interviews. You miss the chance of interacting with other students and the entire interview procedure.

How are you different?
We have created a platform of valuable resources, support, and guidance for you on your path towards residency. Ranked as the #1 Tele Rotation in the United States, the teachings and tools learned here will broaden your perspective on how to approach medicine. With our Simulation Lab, you will have many opportunities to apply those techniques as the Senior Resident on the case. Together, we will continuously work on sharpening and honing our skills to become the best physicians we aspire to be!
What specialties do you offer?

We offer the following specialties:

Internal medicine
Family medicine
Obstetrics & Gynecology
General Surgery

What is the Application process?
Choose your specialty, go to our register page, and complete your installments.

Submit your required documents
Copies of your CV
Medical School Diploma
Picture or Passport ID
Rotation Deposit

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